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Financial Options


    We welcome patients with dental insurance and are happy to submit to most insurances on your behalf to help you receive your dental benefits. We are happy to answer any insurance coverage related questions to help you maximize your dental plan benefits. 


    Our office offers 5% cash and check discount to patients
    without dental insurance. 

  • Care Credit:

    We offer Care Credit to help patients with a flexible financing option. Care Credit allows patients to pay over time for the care they need with a 6 month no interest period. Click below to visit Care Credit

Frequently Asked Questions

At Full Smile Dentistry we provide a full range of general and cosmetic dental services including exams, cleanings, fillings, crowns, bridges, dentures, restoring dental implants with crown placement, teeth whitening, gum disease treatment, root canals, tooth extractions, and more.

If you have a dental emergency like a chipped tooth, lost filling, toothache, or facial swelling, call our office right away at 507-401-4811. We offer emergency appointments, and will work as quickly as possible to find a time to see you to get you relief from dental pain.

Dental anxiety is very common. Anxious patients can find comfort in knowing that Full Smile Dentistry staff will do everything we can to help meet patients where they are at with their dental concerns. We offer laughing gas (nitrous oxide) for patients who feel they need a little help getting through procedures. We currently do not offer general anesthesia in our clinic.

Every smile is unique and each patient’s recall needs are a little different. For some patients, cleanings every 6 months are best, while other patients need a more regular cleaning. And for others, a cleaning isn’t enough, and they require scaling and root planing followed by periodontal maintenance. During the new patient exam, the type of cleaning your smile needs will be discussed and recommended. 

Building a strong and happy relationship with your dentist starts early in life at the first sign of teeth. For many children this first appointment isn’t your traditional cleaning but rather getting the child used to the dental environment and using a toothbrush to show the child’s guardian how to care for the newly erupted teeth.

A routine dental visit includes x-rays, oral cancer exam, periodontal exam, cleaning depending on the overall health of patient mouth, and examination by the doctor for each tooth and the surrounding tissues.

The need for fillings and crowns is normally unseen and felt by the patient until the tooth is severely broken down and at risk for being lost. Dental cavities are like heart disease, silent in many cases until it is too late. Thus, dental x-rays and regular dental exams are of utmost importance. It is always best to treat cavities when they are small to prevent against needing root canals, extraction, and other invasive procedures.

Throughout the week, Full Smile Dentistry will make every effort to see emergency patients as needed and able while working with the regular schedule. After-hours emergency appointments are offered for established Full Smile Dentistry patients.

Dental fillings and crowns have a varying longevity, which is mainly determined by the patient’s ability to care for their teeth. Crowns and fillings can last a lifetime, but each can also get new cavities around the edges, requiring their replacement.

Call 507-401-4811 to schedule appointments.

Yes, our office works with a wide variety of insurance providers. Our insurance coordinator works with patients to help maximize your dental benefits. We submit claims on behalf of our patients. If you have specific insurance coverage related questions, please call our office to talk with our insurance coordinator today!

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